Solder Tags Model A 040

loetoesenInsertion Device
with p.c. board guidiance and light beam projector


The solder tag insertion device A040 is designed to insert pre-stored solder tags into p. c. boards.

The inserting device handles all kinds of threaded solder tags. By replacing the toolset, solder tags with different dimensions and forms can be processed. The re-tooling is easy to do, and will be done in no time.

Please ask for other solutions concerning solder tags if this machine does not meet your requirements

Specification: A040
– Dimensions: 330 x 600 x 500 mm
– Weight: about 15 kg
– Electrical: 230V / 50 Hz / 100W
– Compressed air: 6 bar
– Magazin: 300 to 400 solder tags (threaded on wire)
– Production Rate: max. 1.000 pcs/hr