E 400

Axial Trimmer/Former

This new progressive and universal to use machine is suited for the processing of axial components. Through manual operation it is possible to read a production-speed of circa 10.000 components per hour

For treating even more components the EBSOMAT 400 can be fitted with a motor-drive. Therewith you are able to increase the capacity on 14.000 compon­ents per hour.

  • No mechanical stress of components due to interchangeable cutting, bending and forming
  • Gradual adjusting of the cutting units realizes an „overbending“ of the wire-components by more than 90° respectly 180°
  • The bending components are supplied with a special roller design, so that the components can not be damaged by overbending
  • Pitches and length of the connecting wires can be adjusted gradually
  • Already the standard tooling allows the processing of the components either in horizontal or vertical mode
  • Gradual adjusting of speed

Loose Feed Option:

– Components are automatically aligned, separated and moved into the transport mechanism for processing.
– Easy to set up and operate.
– Simple walking-beam design is open and accessible.
– Up to 3.000 pc/h

sw2Stand Option includes:
– Sturdy welded square tube construction.
– Attachments for scrap deflectors and bins.
– Collection bag for scrap, tape and clippings.
– Slide out shelf for Operator convenience.
– Shelf for tooling and accessories.


e400spec_21 e400spec_12

e400spec_11 e400spec_22

Technical Data

Length: 500 mm

Width: 300 mm

Height: 400 mm

Weight: 28 kg

Pitches: 7,5 – 47 mm

Diameter: 0,4 – 0,8 mm

Option: 0,9 – 1,0 mm


Connection: 220V/5OHz

Electronic preset: 99.999 pieces

Download EBSOMAT 400 Brochure Download E-400-Tooling Specs