EasyCut 300 / 300M

Manual or Motorized PCB Depanelizer For Boards up to 300 mm length


Manual and Motorized Circular BladeDepanelizer The EasyCut300M has two operating speeds where the lower blade is powered and pulls the PCB panel between the two blades for singulating the panels. The PCB is fed up to the blades by hand and then independently transported between the blades and separated. Pictured on the front page is the EasyCut300M with two tables. Both the EasyCut300 and EasyCut300M depanelizers will separate PCBs of up to 13“ in length.

EasyCut300 manual unit EasyCut300M motorized unit

Technical data
Dimension: 355 mm 190 mm 670 mm
Weight: 20 kg
Connection: 115/220 Volt
Thickness PCB: 1,0 mm – 3,2 mm
Nicked channel: 0,3 mm. to 0,8 mm
Angle of nicked channel: 25° to 30°

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