Component Counter Ebsomat 30-2

bauteilzaehlerEbsomat 30-2
Electronic counter for taped axial, radial and SMD taped components

With new feature of a multiplier to count taped SMD component with sizes of 0402 or even 0201. Furthermore has the EBSO counter new machine diagnostic features and is easier to operate.
Capacity and Equipment
forward and backward counting up to 20000 pulses / second
adjustable divisor
(multiple pins or tape holes per component) up to 9
adjustable multiplier
(multiple components per tape hole) up to  9
preselection of number to be counted,
up to 999999 possible
acoustical signal on crossing the target count
with a tape marker you can mark the tape
after the preset number is reached
easy to use menus for setting the target, factor,
LCD-contrast and battery diagnostics
reel stand for axial, radial and SMD tapes
Technical Data:
axial component tape width 30-110 mm
SMD-Tape, max. 45 mm
maximum component diameter 25 mm
maximum 8 leads/holes per 1 count
dimension:           240 x 140 x 80 mm
weight:                2,0kg
battery charger:  input: 220 V / 50 Hz or 110 V / 60 Hz

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